Best Scuba Fins: Guide & Review

When you're deciding on the best scuba fins, it's important to be aware of a couple of things.

You'll need to decide how important good propulsion is to you.

Scuba diving enthusiasts are more serious about specialized features of fins than others who might also wear fins, like casual swimmers or snorkelers.

Making a good decision about scuba fins leads to a better all-around scuba diving experience.

Here's a useful video for more information on fin types and making the best decision in fins.

Heel Construction is Important for Comfort when you choose the best scuba fins for your personal needs

When searching for scuba fins, you'll find there are two main types of heel construction.

The first is a full foot fin and the other is an open heel fin.

Full foot fins are lighter weight and don't require wearing neoprene booties with them.

They're used often in warmer water locations and are very often used by snorkelers.

I have seen very few divers with full foot fins during my latest dives.

Those who plan to dive with boots are usually better off with open heel fins.

Because you can wear them with boots this type of fin is a good choice in colder water conditions.

Of course, they are also very good for warm water.

Heel straps are adjustable to conform to your heel shape.

Open heel scuba fins are also easier to put on and take off.

Fin Construction Choice is Based on How You Intend to Use Fins

Fin construction comes in several choices.

There are the two main choices of split fins and paddle fins.

There are other choices of modified paddle fins, vented, channeled and hinged fins.

Paddle fins are the most common and feature a one-piece construction shaped like a paddle.

The paddle construction helps increase efficiency when you kick, and gives you more power and stability.

Split fins simulate a movement that looks much like a propeller.

Split fins are specially designed to increase your kicking power and decrease turbulence.

You'll find you don't need to expend as much energy with a split fin and kicking will be easier, but you won't move through water as fast.

You'll also find modified paddle fins that combine qualities of both main fin types.

The Best Qualities to Look For

To help with choosing the best scuba fins to give you outstanding performance, here are several good things to look for in scuba fins:

  • A fin length that's long enough to give you a good amount of thrust through water
  • Roomy toe area for comfort
  • Rubber grooves to channel water
  • Good overall construction of fins featuring high quality materials
  • A comfortable and well-constructed back strap if you choose open back fins
  • A large grip area to make putting fins on easier

Choosing scuba fins that work best for you can give you more confidence in your dives.

A thoughtful choice of fins with flex can make you feel better, by putting less strain on knees and leg muscles.

Your scuba diving experience is enhanced when you make a good choice in scuba fins.

Top 10 Best Scuba Fins On The Market

Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

Editor Rating:

The Atomic Aquatic Split Fins are available in 10 exciting colors. The polymer fin material gives additional thrust to the swimmer's kick for a more exciting experience. EZ release buckles make it simple to take the fins on and off without undue trouble. 

The revolutionary split blade design of these fins creates a pair of wings that slice through water with limited drag for an increase in forward motion.

Unlike other fins, Split Fins permit the user to swim with less effort, resulting in greater speed.

Testing has shown that the use of these fins can help reduce air consumption from an air tank. Sizes run from small to extra-large.

Highlighted Features

  • Bright color combinations
  • Innovative split Fin technology
  • Multiple sizes
  • EZ release buckles
Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins

Editor Rating:

The unusual appearance of the Seawing Nova fins by Scubapro does not detract in any way from their functionality.

The articulated joint on these fins permits the entire blade to pivot, resulting in increased thrust.

No matter how hard or softly you kick, the design of the blade ensures effective use of your energy.

The design of the blade allows the water to flow across the working section and reduce drag.

The foot pocket includes an extended heel plate for the greatest transmission of leg power to forward motion.

The Monprene construction of these fins makes them extremely durable. Sizes range from

Highlighted Features

  • Colors: Black, blue, white
  • Virtually indestructible Monprene construction
  • Customizable bungee heel strap
  • Ergonomic foot pocket
Aqua Lung SlingShot Heel-strap

Editor Rating:

Aqua Lung's SlingShot heel-strap fins are designed to give you plenty of power at each kick.

The silicone power bands help the swimmer to use energy in the most efficient method for a more enjoyable experience with reduced fatigue.

The power bands store energy for release on the upstroke of each kick.

Even those who are not the fastest swimmers in the world find that these fins give them a previously un-heard of speed.

The shape of these fins makes them ideal for diving. However, snorklers may find them harder to use on the surface of the water.

The SlingShot is availabe in two color schemes.

Highlighted Features

  • Fatigue-reducing power band technology
  • True to size
  • Can be worn diving or snorkeling
  • Can increase swimming speeds
Mares X-Stream Open Heel Fins

Editor Rating:

The X-Stream fins by Mares is available in 11 classic color combinations.

The new blade construction decreases turbulence generated by swimming, thereby decreasing the amount of energy spent on kicking.

The new foot pocket eliminates drag or the "parachute effect."

X-Stream fins are the result of 60 years of experience with creating dive-worthy products for swimmers.

The X-Stream diving fins are a combination of two years of testing and experimentation.

With four Mares patents, there is no reason why they should not serve you well.

Highlighted Features

  • Open-heel design
  • Multiple color options
  • Low drag
  • Sizes extra-small to extra-large
Scuba Pro Twin Jet Max FIns

Editor Rating:

The patented split-fin propeller technology used in the design of the Jet Max fins by Scuba Pro help ensure the best use of your energy.

Vents on the fins help reduce drag and resistance for upstrokes and downstrokes.

The foot pocket is specifically designed to provide optimum fit and comfort.

Quick-connect swivel buckles make it easy to take the fins on and off.

An extended sole plate provides extra surface area for an enhanced power stroke. Sizes run from small to extra-large.

A removable plastic foot cover enables you to wear these fins with a scuba boot if desired.

Highlighted Features

  • Split-fin propeller technology
  • Quick-connect buckles for easy on and off
  • Drag-reducing vents
  • Available in black/white, graphite, blue and yellow
Mares Volo Power Scuba Fins

Editor Rating:

The Volo Power scuba dive fins by Mares features an open heel and the patented optimized pivoting blade (OPB) sytem. The Volo is 30 percent more effective than traditional scuba fins.

The OPB system permits the blades to maintain an optimal angle throughout the kicking cycle as well as additional kick strokes not possible with split fins.

The thermoplastic rubber technopolymers used in the design of these fins ensure flexibility and durability for a long-lasting product.

The Volo is the only fin in the world to hold eight patents and is the number one choice for serious divers.

Highlighted Features

  • Channel Thrust technology
  • Sturdy design and manufacturing materials
  • O.P.B. system
  • Ability to accomodate alternate kick strokes
Cressi Ara Open Heel Blade Fins With Bungee Straps

Editor Rating:

These powerful fins are lightweight and strong with an exceptional drive.

The responsiveness of the Ara makes them perfect for experienced divers, professional divers, technical divers and instructers.

The design of these fins is similar to that of the best-selling Master Frog version with improvements such as a wider foot pocket and and upgraded blade design.

The Ara also features the patented elastic bungee system (EBS).

The large foot pocket makes this fin easy to put on, even while wearing thick gloves.

Highlighted Features

  • Sizes small through extra-large
  • Available in black, blue, silver and yellow
  • Powerful and responsive
  • Exceptional performance
Aqua Lung Hot Shot scuba fins

Editor Rating:

The Hot Shots by Aqua Lung are designed to be worn with bare feet if desired.

The top and sides of the foot pocket are soft and comfortable to prevent chafing.

Neoprene socks or thin-soled scuba boots can be worn with the fins if thermal protection is needed.

The self-adjusting Comfo-strap is buckle-free for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

The Hot Shots are compact and can easily be packed into carry-on luggage.

The blade is made from lightweight technopolymer material with adjustable silicone Power Bands to maximize thrust.

Highlighted features

  • Colors include pink, white, blue and arctic white
  • Sizes range from small to extra-large
  • Can be worn with bare feet
  • Incorporates Power Band technology
Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

Editor Rating:

The Avanti by Mares features four channels for an increase in thrusting power.

The bungee strap helps keep the fins firmly on the diver's feet.

New high-flex material ensures greater flexibility and efficiency.

Channel Thrust technology makes use of four integrated channels in each fin for greater responsiveness and thrusting power.

The foot pocket is designed for comfort and increased power to the blade.

Colors include green, blue, flamingo, lime, white and yellow.

Highlighted features

  • Blade length: 14.96 inches
  • Channel Thrust technology
  • High-flex material for increased efficiency
  • Comfortable foot pocket
Oceanic USA Vortex V-16 Fins

Editor Rating:

The Nature's Wing Propeller Fin Technology used in the design of the Vortex includes four different materials for the ultimate in performance and light weight. 

The natural rubber flex channels control the shape of the blade during the kick stroke for optimal power and reduced drag.

The ergonomically designed foot pocket fits nearly all foot sizes and boot styles.

The Spring Heel strap allows easy on and off with a thumb loop for a streamlined appearance.

Sizes run from extra-small to extra-large.

Highlighted features

  • Cheerful red/navy-blue design with stars
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Flex channels for optimized performance

Final Verdict

Scuba Fins are a very inportant part of your gear. 

Going for a 60 minute dive with fins that don´t fit is no fun at all.

You should take your time and go through the above list. It was put together to offer a choice for every skill level and help you a great deal.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact us or leave a comment below.

  • July 12, 2016
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