Best Snorkel Gear: Guide and Review

As an avid snorkeler, I took the opportunity to research several different variations of the best snorkel gear and put together a list masks, fins, and snorkels in many different shapes and styles.

Just like each reef or bay have their own perks and drawbacks, so does each piece of snorkeling gear for the individual using it, from the beginning snorkeler to the seasoned enthusiast.

We’re going to explore a few of the options out there and see if we can’t help you uncover what is right for you. For a brief overview of how each piece of gear is used, please click here.

Basics You Need To Know About Snorkeling and The Best Snorkel Gear.

Snorkeling really is a lot of fun provided you have the right equipment with you. 

The last thing you want is a mask that leaks, a snorkels that floods or fins that hurt your feet.

Equipping yourself with the right gear will allow you to relax and focus on the wonderful things you can do during your underwater exploration.

One question many beginners have is whether to buy or rent their snorkeling gear.

In our opinion, you are better off with buying rather than renting because it is very rare for rentals to fit right.

Your own snorkel gear will last you for several years, with little or no care and it is not that expensive.

Basically Snorkelling is a pretty easy sport to learn. But even the easiest thing can be tuff if you don't know the basics.

  • Swim slowly or you might get exhausted. Your snorkel will limit your ability to breathe so you should do it calm and easy
  • Always be aware of the conditions at the snorkeling spot. Check the current and waves or let your guide tell you about everything you need to know to be safe.

Cressi Clio


Cressi Clio Snorkel Set
  • Mask is frameless
  • Great long fins
  • Many colors

ProMate Deluxe


Prompte Deluxe Snorkeling Gear
  • Efficient
  • Soft mask
  • Tempered glass

Aqua Lung Admiral


Aqua Lung Admiral Snorkel Set
  • Compact fins
  • Adjustable size
  • Dry snorkel

There are three basic pieces that you need to have – a mask, the snorkel and fins. Let’s talk a bit more about all three.

Snorkel Mask

Snorkel and scuba masks come in different styles, sizes and materials.

Some masks come with plastic skirts, others with 100% silicone. The important thing is to select masks of decent quality that fit you well.

A mask that does not fit could really make your snorkeling day a nightmare rather than something to remember.

Also, if you wear glasses, you will need to buy a mask that takes that into consideration. Some lenses are too close to your face and don´t have enough room underneath.


Snorkels come in several different styles, types, shapes and sizes.

You should get snorkels that fit well with your mouth shape and take your preferences into account as well.

The best snorkels are so called dry snorkels that have splash guards on top or come with dry valves along with purge valves at the bottom. 

The product suggestions you find below all come with dry snorkels.

Snorkel Fins

It is important to choose the right snorkeling fins, especially if you want to free dive.

You should ALWAYS try them on after ordering and be sure they won´t hurt your feet.

Some people keep asking if you really need fins to go snorkeling and the answer is yes, they are essential.

Of course, you can jump into the water without them but you will lose so much energy without fins that the experience simply won´t be as good as with them. 

It also much safer to use fins. If you get into some serious current it is no fun at all to swim with your feet only. 

The Best Snorkel Gear On The Market

Aquarena Snorkel Gear Set Bundle

Editor Rating:

This snorkel set is a real value pack. It contains everything you need: diving mask, dry snorkel, high quality open heel fins and a very durable mesh bag for transportation.

You won´t have any problems with visibility because of the masks tempered glass. Your snorkeling adventure will appear as if you are watching a movie in high definition.

The set is perfect for all ages because it is fully adjustable. You will get along without any problems even if you are completely new to snorkeling.

The whole set is made of high quality materials to guarantee a great snorkeling experience for many years to come.

The seller is very confident with this quality and grants you a lifetime replacement guarantee.


  • Fully adjustable.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • Tempered glass mask.


  • Fin color.

Highlighted Features

  • Amazing visibility underwater
  • Fits everyone
  • Outstanding quality
  • Risk free purchase

Cressi Clio Snorkel Set

Editor Rating:

A great beginner’s set, the Cressi Clio is available in yellow, black or blue and sizes 4 through 11.

The set is functional as well as it is colorful.

The fins have a very comfortable elastomer foot pocket and provide maximum efficiency with every kick.

The set does´t fit in most standard carry on bags so you will probably have to check it in when you go on your vacation.


  • Soft elastomer keeps feet from being rubbed raw.
  • Adjustable fin sizes.
  • Blade above pocket design for a more powerful kick.


  • Fins have more plastic than quality stiffened rubber.

Highlighted Features

  • Frameless mask
  • Dry snorkel
  • Long fin design

Aqua Lung Admiral Snorkel Set

Editor Rating:

Another good beginner’s set, the Aqua Lung Admiral is available in five colors and sizes 4 through 13.

The mask is three way adjustable and has a very comfortable face skirt.

The dry snorkel guarantees the best comfort because of it´s ergonomically shaped design.

The fins have a very compact design what makes them perfect for traveling. They are fully adjustable and fit more or less every foot size.


  • The fins are compact, making them an ideal travel fin.
  • Dry snorkel with Pivot Dry technology.
  • Adjustable fin size.


  • Pro-Glide buckles on the mask tend to break easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual-window mask with a hypoallergenic face skirt.
  • Dual-composite fin blade.
  • Dry snorkel.

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set

Editor Rating:

The Cressi Palau is nice set available in extra small through extra large, and the set comes in six different colors; blue, lilac, pink, yellow, red, and titanium.

The foot pocket easily adapts to many different sizes so that set can be used by most family members or a group of friends. 


Combined with a very light and compact mask and an ergonomic shaped, anti-splash dry snorkel this set truly is a piece of fun for the whole family.


  • Mask is light and compact.
  • Fins are small enough to fit most carry-on bags.
  • Snorkel has excellent flexibility for maximum comfort.


  • Fin straps are extremely difficult to adjust and lock in place while underwater.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual-window mask featuring a light silicone skirt.
  • Fins are made of a light, responsive material.
  • Adjustable foot pocket.

U.S Divers Panoramic View Snorkel Set

Editor Rating:

A solid intermediate snorkeling set, this set is available in sizes 4 through 13 as well as six different colors.

The mask has a panoramic lens technology to expand your vision underwater​.

The snorkel is designed to keep water out of the tube above and below the surface.​

The buckles of the fins are very easy to adjust and fit most foot sizes. However, smaller feet might not reach the end of the pocket and bigger feet might extend beyond it. Both isn´t a problem during your snorkeling experience.

You will be travel ready right away as you get a high quality travel bag with this set ,


  • Built-in soft purge allows water to be drained from mask without surfacing.
  • Mask is available with or without a GoPro mount.
  • High-quality tempered glass for distortion-free viewing.


  • Fin sizes may not accommodate feet at the smaller end or larger end of the spectrum.

Highlighted Features

  • Pivot Flex Fin technology for increased efficiency.
  • Mask features a soft purge and channeled skirt.
  • Panoramic lens for an enhanced field of vision.

Promate Snorkeling Set

Editor Rating:

Another good intermediate set, this ProMate set is available in sizes 5 through 13 and four different color options.

The mask is a no-frame model with extremly low volume. The lens is very wide and boosts your peripheral vision underwater.


The dry design snorkel has an integrated safety whistle. The ergonomic mouth piece prevents mouth fatigue during longer snorkel adventures.

You will get a portion of McNett Sea Drops Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner as an extra when you buy this set.


  • Frameless mask for wider field of vision.
  • Gear bag is available in single-shoulder or double-shoulder straps.
  • Set includes McNett SeaDrops Anti-Fog solution.


  • Mask sits close to the face, so it may not work for larger noses.

Highlighted Features

  • Mask features a double edge comfort seal.
  • Drag-reducing jet vented design fins.
  • Dry snorkel with a built-in safety whistle.

Prompte Deluxe Snorkeling Gear

Editor Rating:

The ProMate Deluxe is a good intermediate set available in sizes 6 through 12 and four different colors.

It is very high quality and looks totally stylish. The light weight makes it perfect for traveling.

Because of the soft foot pocket you can wear the fins barefoot or with socks.


You won´t have any trouble putting them on as the adjust strap has very easy to release buttons.

The 2-window mask will allow amazing visibility underwater and the low volume design is perfect for traveling.

The snorkel is guarded against any kind of water splashing and allows easy and unobstructed breathing.

The bottom line is that this set is one the best you can buy for you snorkeling adventures.


  • Mask is very lightweight.
  • Snorkel features silicone purge valve for easy draining.
  • Fins are exact to size.


  • Fins are a bit stiff and not ideal for underwater gliding.

Highlighted Features

  • Dry snorkel featuring built-in safety whistle.
  • ProMate Fish-Eye Mask.
  • Lightweight ForcePace fins.

Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport Snorkel Set

Editor Rating:

This snorkel set is very high quality for the price. It is very light and therefore perfect for travelling.

Users say that the dry snorkel works very well and you don't have trouble blowing out water when you went underwater to see the marine life.

Also you won't have any problems in rough conditions because the snorkel simply keeps his promise of being dry.

The mask also is of very good quality although it seems to fit a little smaller than others. So watch out if you have a big head.

The fins have an open heal and are adjustable so you won't have any problems with the size.

Questions & Answers

Q: Do the fins work together with hard soled booties?

A: You have to try but probably yes because the open heel allows a lot of adjustment.​

​Q: Can the mask be used for scuba diving?

A: It can but it is not ideal. You should invest more if you want a decent mask for scuba diving.

Q: Where is the set made?

A: This snorkel set is made in Thailand.​

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° Snorkel Mask

Editor Rating:

This snorkel mask is different to most of the snorkel gear you find out there. But that doesn't make it less interesting.

Some say this full face snorkel mask provides the best snorkelling experience you can get

Very important tip: This full face mask is designed for surface snorkelling and is not suited for freediving.

When using this mask you don't have to bother with a tube in your mouth. The masks design allows you to breathe through your mouth or nose and the attached dry snorkel will prevent that water enters the mask.

You will also see more than you ever did before because the Seaview 180 degree snorkel mask has the largest viewing area you will find.

So if you want to see more of the marine life and you are tired of having a tube in your mouth while snorkelling you should get this product right away.

Highlighted Features

  • Full-Face Design
  • Very easy to use for everyone
  • Dry Snorkel Technology
  • Nearly no fogging
  • Perfect for kids and youth

SealBuddy FIJI Panoramic Snorkel set

Editor Rating:

This set comes with a mask for adults that has four windows and panoramic view.

Equalizing is made very easy because of a concave nose piece.  

The glass is crystal clear and you don’t have to worry about breaking it. The lenses are impact-safe.

The snorkel in this set won't let any water in. It is one-way sealed and has a very comfortable mouthpiece for more or less every snorkeler out there.

The fins have an open heal and an adjustable strap. They will fit most foot sizes. Also, the streamlined design of the blades makes it very easy to move in the water.

The whole set comes with a high quality bag that even has space for the accessoires you need during your snorkelling day.

Highlighted Features

  • Panoramic Mask
  • Flexible Dry Snorkel
  • Snorkel fins suited for traveling 
  • High quality travel bag
  • USA warranty

Final Words on snorkel sets

A snorkel set should be in your travel bag. At least when you know the water is warm and there is a lot to see.

It is always better to have your own stuff. You will be lot more comfortable with your own mask and fins and the experience is just better.

The above sets where chosen with all possible care and the list should contain a product for every need and skill level.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions please comment below or send us a message.

  • February 1, 2016
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