Can You Help To Improve Your Scuba Diving Experience?

I have been diving for 16 years now, starting in a pool in Sussex, England and doing my PADI final test in 1 foot visibility with a dry suit on. That was cold!

Luckily I have had the chance to dive in Egypt, Thailand and the Canary Islands since then progressing my diving experience and qualifications. All the locations and days I have dived have been amazingly different, even if at the very same dive spot as the day before. I am sure you know what I mean?


Scuba Diving Can Include A Lot Of Annoying Paperwork

The things I’ve noticed that never change though is the amount of paperwork, forgetting to carry my dive card and losing my dive table to calculate dive time left. We've all been there, get to a resort, realise you’ve forgotten your dive log or card and get advised “sorry you’ll have to do the tests again to be able to dive with us” (at least the good PADI Dive centres do this).

Without my dive log do I remember the subtle things about each dive, the fish I saw, the temperature, dive times, buoyancy, weights, tank used…. not really, after many dives in a day or week they can blur into one. That’s a shame, as those details really help to recall memories and to flick back to when preparing to dive at that location again to prepare kit.

I have also watched dive schools and instructors with their clip boards filling out names, addresses, email address, health questionnaires….the list goes on and on. Only to get water on the paperwork, making them impossible to read and invalid. To cap it off the poor admin or dive school owner then spends their days or evenings typing these details in a database to validated their licence.


It Got Me Thinking About An App For A Better Scuba Diving Experience

  • What if an App could be created that helps divers, instructors and dive centres to eradicate all these issues freeing up time, saving money and ensuring an all round great diving experience. What if?
  • What if combined with this information you could store your pictures, videos and more? Then share them with fellow divers. What if?
  • What if a dive instructor could walk you through a lesson on a waterproof iPad so communication is improved?
  • What if a dive centre instantly logs bookings and recalls them easily or can reschedule an instructor in an instant?

So What Am I Asking You to Help Me With?

Now I don't profess to speak for all divers, we’re all different and maybe you prefer paper more than I do but I’d welcome your views on some research I’m doing to create a Mobile Phone and Tablet App.

The idea is that the APP is useful to you (and other Outdoor Pursuits/Extreme Sports persons). I have looked around and found ‘some’ Apps already cover ‘some’ of these useful tools but not one that ‘does it all’.

The App I intend to devise, will be designed by divers FOR divers and this is where I need your valuable insight!Please consider spending just 10 Minutes to complete this research questionnaire….

Get A Free Version Of The App

Any one who completes the research will receive a FREE version of the “Enthusiast App” when it is ready. Please ‘opt in’ at the end of the questionnaire and provide your email address if you’d like to receive the App when it is ready or be contacted to test out trial versions.

Thank you in advance and I wish you all S.A.F.E. dives!

Mark Elliott –Sports Diver and Director of

  • September 17, 2016
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