Some say scuba diving is dangerous. In fact, a lot of people don´t start with this beautiful sport because of that.

I can´t do it because I am claustrophobic they say or I can´t go into water that is so deep that I can´t see the bottom or what happens below me.

Well, those who actually scuba dive know that safety is all about preparation. And preparing yourself begins with getting your equipment right and safe.

RESTUBE is a new innovation, engineered and assembled in Germany, that makes a real safety difference for all watersport and outdoor enthusiasts.

RESTUBE in use

Scuba Divers are usually not only involved in this one single activity. They might also surf, snorkel or just swim.​

Even if they don´t, their loved ones most certainly do. The places all over the world where we travel to see the underwater world just offer so many things to do.​

You don´t have to worry anymore.​

Watch the video below to learn everything about RESTUBE. A small bag with a huge impact.​

How does RESTUBE work?

  1. ​Pull the trigger if you want the RESTUBE to fill up.
  2. The RESTUBE fills within seconds with the help of a CO2 cartridge.
  3. Use it to be safe and keep your head above the water.

Who should buy a RESTUBE?

  • Scuba divers who want this extra bit of safety for their long dive days. It helps you to stay above the water in a critical situation. Just activate the RESTUBE and wait for the dive boat to pick you up.
  • Snorkelers! The RESTUBE is perfect for snorkeling. It doesn´t restrict you at all but it makes your time in the water so much safer.
  • Parents who want to worry less while their children are swimming and snorkeling. Of course, the kids should be old enough to understand how to use the product and it should be explained to them very carefully.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Every recreational swimmer that seeks to see more than the pool around the corner.

Some additional facts

  • ​Winner Industry Award 2015
  • Winner of the German Price For Founders
  • ISPO Award Gold Winner 2016/2017
  • James Dyson Award

  • April 3, 2016
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