Until now, the ruby seadragon was only known from the museum.

Finally, researchers of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography went on a mission to capture this amazing creature on tape.

And it worked.

Near Australia’s Recherche Archipelago their underwater vehicle found the rare creature in a depth of about 164ft.

Seadragons are usually characterized by their camouflage appendages.The ruby seadragon has none of them.

It looks more like their seahorse and pipefish relatives.

Not only because it lacks the leafy frippery. Also because of a tail they can curl.The researchers think that both things help the ruby seadragon to survive in deeper waters.

Their habitat lacks kelp and seagrass so the appendages would be a moot point.

The prehensile tail helps to hold on to stuff in high surge waters.

Learn more about the ruby seadragon in the following video.

Maybe you will encounter one of these beautiful creature during your scuba diving adventures.




  • January 15, 2017
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