Scuba diving in Tenerife – What To Expect?

This is a guest contribution by Ekaterina Lavrentyeva

Tenerife is situated in the Atlantic ocean and offers fantastic dives the whole year. The volcanic origin of the island makes scuba diving Tenerife unforgettable: ocean animals and thousands of fish living among lava flows and volcanic rocks impress any diver!

Do beginners or experienced divers go to Tenerife?

Big variety of dive sites makes Tenerife a perfect place for divers of any level. There are many shallow bays where it's possible to do try dives and courses for beginners, deep sites for advanced divers, caves and wrecks to do specialties. We also do dives and courses with scooters DPV that allow us do long distance dives.


What diving courses are available?

Diving Atlantis holds PADI courses from SD (first step for beginners) till Divemaster (professional level). Each course lasts 2-3 days approximately, Divemaster course lasts 5 days. Transport and all equipment are provided. We have a classroom for theoretical lessons, several pools to practice varied skills and all materials needed to study scuba diving. We do courses with the federation of PADI as it's the most famous and recognizable one. Being licensed in PADI you can dive and keep learning in any country in the world.


What are the average weather and water conditions during the year? When is the high season for Scuba Diving Tenerife?

Summer and autumn are considered to be the high season for scuba diving Tenerife, the water is 24-25 degrees, the air 30-35 degrees. The water is normally calm, there are no rains in the south of the island at all. However, in the winter most of the hotels are full too. The weather is a little cooler: 20-25 degrees of the air and 18-19 degrees of the water. So it's still good for diving and traveling around the island. In the winter it rains sometimes (5-10 days in total), but normally the water conditions are still good so it doesn't prevent us from diving.

Are there many things to do in Tenerife except diving?

The Canary islands are an amazing place to spend vacations. Being the biggest island of the archipelago Tenerife is the most popular touristic destination here. There is a huge variety of trips, excursions, theme parks and all kinds of activities in Tenerife. Divers can come with their families, every day they will find something interesting to do. The island itself is different in each part, it makes Tenerife very attractive for travelers. It also concerns the ocean bottom, underwater you see totally different landscapes in each side of Tenerife. That's why we move from one coast to another every day showing our divers the variety and beauty of the Atlantic ocean offshore Tenerife.

What are the favourite dive spots for advanced divers?

We normally take experienced divers to Tabaiba that is a wreck at 30 meters full of marine life; Montaña Amarilla, picturesque volcanic landscapes; Los Chuchos where we meet a family of huge rays; Cueva de los Cerebros, a volcanic tunnel 70 meters long that ends with a grotto above the surface. There are much more dive sites on all coasts of Tenerife. We normally find out first what our divers prefer and then make a plan of dives.

Are there special requirements for those who would like to dive with scooters DPV?

First of all, the diver should be certified (at least OWD license) and above 12 years old. The diver should feel self-confident underwater, that's why we prefer first to do a normal dive to check the level of the diver and then start the course. So, actually, almost any diver can enroll on the DPV diver course. Divers spend really good time diving with scooters as you can go much farther than usual and explore some places that nobody has seen yet. It always gives a special feeling to divers when they open new caves, wrecks or just beautiful landscapes that are far from the shore. The course lasts 1 day and includes 2 dives. Mostly divers take additional dives with scooters upon finishing the course and discover more places. This is a true adventure for those who love scuba diving.


What languages do you speak?

Diving Atlantis center has an international team of divemasters and instructors, in total we speak 7 languages: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian and Spanish. All teaching programs and guided diving trips are available in any of these languages every day.

Scuba Diving Tenerife - How to book?

You can reserve in advance with 10% discount on the website where you will find contact information of Diving Atlantis, news about scuba diving and Tenerife, full description of diving trips and courses, multi-language dictionary for divers and much more.

  • October 5, 2016
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